5 tips to get through valentine’s day in the middle of a pandemic

Valentine’s Day is here again! 
What a year we’ve had. 
We’ve been hit hard with this virus, restrictions, and several lockdowns! 

As a result, we have experienced shock and trauma. It has been really hard to come to terms with what is going on and we can’t see the light at the end of the tunnel yet. 
We have gone on autopilot and are just doing what we are asked to and supposed to! 
For so many, it has been very hard to come to terms with the high level of uncertainty we’re currently experiencing. Some of us have lost our loved ones, some have not been able to see their loved ones for months on end. Most of us have felt isolated and lonely. There are so many relationships that have broken down and/or many just surviving on a thread!
These unprecedented times have stopped us from enjoying and celebrating many festivals and occasions, then here comes Valentine’s Day! 
So how do we embrace this Valentine’s Day? Do we celebrate it or not? If we do how do we celebrate it, as we are restricted in so many ways? We have so many variations of relationships. Some are together and some are separated. What do singles and those who have recently broken up do? 

5 tips for couples to celebrate Valentine’s Day: (Don’t worry single people, I haven’t forgotten about you! )

  1. Take away the pressure of having to break the bank to impress your partner. Instead, make small special or sentimental efforts to express your feelings
  2. Surprise each other with small gestures showing appreciation and acknowledgment
  3. Create an atmosphere of fun and romance to give you a spark
  4. Go for a walk and talk
  5. Create a calming environment and talk to each other without distractions and get to know each other more​

5 tips for single people to get through this Valentine’s Day:

  1. Remember Valentine’s Day is about love, so focus on loving yourself!
  2. Treat yourself with something that reminds you to keep loving yourself.
  3. Embrace the time you have with yourself and remember it’s ok to be single
  4. Create a bucket list for you to achieve whilst you are single
  5. Know that when you value yourself, every day is Valentine’s Day!

Hope you have an incredible day, whether you’re single or in a relationship!