Breakthrough Session

Breakthrough Session

Power up your mindset and goal setting

My 90 minute breakthrough session is for female entrepreneurs who are ready to feel confident, ready to be in charge of their future and ready to build prosperity for themselves and their families.

When you know where to start with your goal setting and mindset you can reach any of your business goals you dream of.  That’s the secret …. knowing where to start…. then having the partner to help you be accountable gives you the power to take action and create the power behind your business. 
This standalone 1:1 90 minute session has been created to give you the much needed boost and confidence you need to take yourself to the next level by overcoming blockages that are holding you back. 

Feelings like fear of being seen, fear of not getting it right, fear or what others think etc. can be a huge block for us moving forward.  These are some examples of the kinds of fears my 1:1 sessions smash through.  It’s my passion to see you thrive and grow. 
When you identify your vision and that you know there is a blockage between you and your vision……. that is the time to take action!   Please don’t wait. 

It’s time to be in action YOU CAN DO THIS and I am here to support you!


  • Breakthrough to your next actionable step
  • A new rock solid mindset for growth 
  • Crystal clear clarity on your vision
  • Confidence to grow and expand into your next greatness

“I met Kajal when we both attended a coaching and mindset event. I found her warm and approachable.  Before learning to coach she was a counsellor. Having worked with her at many of the events we have since both attended, I can recommend her as a coach. She has a wealth of experience to help her clients to be the best next version of themselves.”

​Cynthia Clarke

In our 90 minute session we will cover 

  • Your vision
  • Your Next Steps 
  • Mindset quiz
  • What’s next, aha takeaways


You will leave the session with a Mindset Mantra to use as a daily resource to keep you stepping into your next breakthroughs for many years to come. 

This 90 minute session is a perfect fit for female entrepreneurs who:

  • Are ready for HUGE change in their business
  • Are prepared to put in the work
  • Are committed to their success
  • Are not letting their limited beliefs stand in their way

“Kajal has explained why it is important to have a Growth mindset and how to overcome a fixed mindset and how to change into growth mindset. She also explained the role of goal setting in our personal and professional life. I would definitely recommend Kajal she is a great coach, and she is very experienced and knowledgeable.”