Mending your mindset for growth

Get ready to move your dreams into actions and goals to completion

Coaching together, we’ll create a fresh new empowering mindset, so you quickly begin creating new and exciting results in your business.

This one-day intensive is for business owners who are feeling stuck at where they are now but are ready to take action and make things happen for them, their family and those around them. 

You know that ‘next level’ you always hear everyone talking about?
It’s real……It’s the next level where you:

  • Up level your mindset so that you can take the necessary actions to achieve your goals 
  • So, aligned with your purpose that you are on fire in your business
  • Ready to take massive action and get massive results

I really enjoyed Kajal’s workshop on Mindset and Goal-setting. The mixture of practical information and personal / group experience meant that I left with some clear takeaways for improving my own mindset as well as having gained practical insight into my client work. Thank you!

Sam Pope

If you’re ready to get this done in a single day and start experiencing the results you want in your business this VIP day is for you! 

Here’s what we will coach on:

  • Your mindset past, present and future    
  • Our current belief systems and how they affect us
  • Creating a growth mindset for success 
  • Setting your next goal with the assurance of completion

A VIP Day with me is like weeks of coaching all rolled into the space of just one amazing day! 

The power you have is to be the best version of yourself you can be, so you can create a better world.”

Ashley Rickards
This one-day intensive is for you if you are a business owner who is:
  • Are ready for HUGE change in their business
  • Are prepared to put in the work
  • Are committed to their success
  • Are not letting their limited beliefs stand in their way
  • Let’s get started!  It’s your time! 

Where does the coaching take place…and how long is the VIP day?

We will meet online using the platform Zoom.  When you book in, you will be sent a zoom link to click on at the time of your VIP day.  

You will need to bring to the call….
I would advise you to bring a couple of pens to use as you will want to take some notes.  (you will also be sent a recording of the session to replay after).  There will be time for breaks, but I suggest that you have some water or your favourite cuppa by your side

The VIP day is 3.5 hours in total – 3 Hours coaching and 30 minutes of breaks. 

Kajal’s workshop was enlightening! It was well presented and I learnt a lot about how I can change my mindset to better achieve my goals. I am excited to attend future workshops and book my discovery call.

Jessica K