What if returning to ‘normal’ after lockdown doesn’t feel possible?

Restrictions are lifting here in the UK and things are returning to ‘normal’, but is normal now anyway, and what if you don’t feel ready to get back to normal?

It’s been a strange time. No social contact, something we all crave. Very little interaction with people outside of our immediate household. Working from home, no travel, nothing really open. We’ve all had to adapt and get used to this new world. Now we’re being told that we can go back outside, meet up with friends, hug – safely – whatever that means and head back to the office.

But after a year or more inside it’s bound to feel strange. You might notice you’re feeling anxious. You might not be ready to hug your friends and family and working back in the office might feel overwhelming.
Give yourself some time. Explain to those around you that you’re easing back into life slowly. Take baby steps and focus on one new thing at a time. Create techniques that work for you – it might be that you want to keep socially distanced, only meet in the garden or keep your Friday night meet-ups with friends online. Don’t feel pressured to slip back into ‘normal’ quicker than you’re ready to and remember if you are struggling or your anxiety is affecting your life then it’s alright to reach out for professional help. This is new for us all and it’s okay to need some help to find out how to live in a post-COVID normal.