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Helping You Build Your Inner Strength & Confidence

Being confident about yourself with the ability to make the right choices with respect to relationships and work is an achievement.
But for many people who have fears or worries about self-worth, negativity can hold back true potential and success…


I’m Kajal Kumar.
I help people improve their lives

With decades of experience as a psychotherapist, trainer, mentor, author, relationship coach and teacher, my approach is sympathetic, understanding and with a unique stance that is based upon experience and intuitive support through coaching, therapy and programmes.

I Help With..

Relationships – Lack of Confidence – Work Related Issues –Building Confidence – Sexuality – Relationships with Friends and Family – Increasing Self-Esteem – Inner Voice Development – Self-Worth Development

I work with clients in these areas


It comes in so many ways and is a constant changing landscape, together or apart love makes up a lot of our lives.


Creating and building a business is both exciting and exhausting, I can help you with guidance and support.


We face many challenges throughout our lives and being able to deal with all of them sometimes requires some help


What my clients are saying

Helping YOU to think clearly and positively

Through a carefully structured programme of counselling or therapy, life feels empowered with resulting increased confidence and ability to confront situations. Whether personal or professional, alignment of mind, emotions and intellect, ensures a far better quality of life. In most cases and through the programmes, a suppressed inner voice can be released.

The first point is personal acceptance, address of the conflicts that we all feel about our abilities and self-worth. A healthy mindset filled with excitement and determination to seek out what we want for ourselves, whether a healthy relationship with a partner, friends or family and with better understanding of the dynamics to strengthen bonds.

Business success is developed from an inner place of confidence, skills and self-belief.

Connecting Hearts  I  Empowering Minds

I would love to hear from you

If you would like an initial complimentary 15-minute conversation or to discuss a programme – please either use the form or call me directly on 07582 376 958

Kajal Kumar is aligned with corporate organisations and insurance companies whilst also supporting individuals.

Therapy and Counselling is offered in English, Gujarati and Hindi.

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