Kajal Kumar

Kajal Kumar


Helping you create the ideal mindset for business success

Workshops in 2022

I ran online workshops in 2021 to 100s of talented business owners just like you. You can get the recordings of these and transform your habits from the comfort of your own home. Mindset, goal setting, procrastination, time management and imposter syndrome.


Mastering your mindset:
Understanding the impact of your mindset on
your personal and professional life

Are you:

A business owner?

  • Struggling with your mindset, self belief or confidence?
  • Procrastination?
  • Imposter syndrome?
  • Knowing what you want but unable to make it happen?
  • Feeling stuck?
  • Fear?

Do you dream of taking your business to the next level, but you can’t seem to shake that fear or release those blocks, so every step forward feels like hard work? Are you ready to change all of that and put your goals into action?

Fixed mindset growth

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