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With many years of experience and having treated thousands of patients with various conditions or multiple anxieties, it is important at the initial stage to ascertain whether counselling or therapy is the correct programme with consideration for personality and problem.

Offering a course of therapy for a full range of issues, sensitively and in a safe environment, patients can relax and address the issues that may have affected their lives or more recently. Analysis moves forward into a strategized programme resulting in a healthier mindset and ability to cope, using powerful mechanisms and mindset.

Sometimes only a simple change can have a lifetime effect and benefit…

Abuse (Emotional, Physical and Sexual) * Addiction (Drug, Alcohol, Gambling, Sex) * Anger Management * Anxiety * Affairs and Betrayals * Bereavement * Bullying * Child Related Issues * Cross Cultural Relationships * Depression * Family Related Issues​ * Low Self-Esteem * Low Self-Confidence * Postnatal Depression * Relationship Issues * Sexual Issues * Suicidal Thoughts * Stress * Trauma * Work Related Stress (Bullying & Harassment, retirement and redundancy)​ * Generalised Anxiety * Fear of Feeling Judged or Criticised.

How it will help you:

“As a counsellor/psychotherapist and a coach I help clients to deal with difficult situation/s and who feel anxious, depressed and or overwhelmed. We are often told to be ‘open and honest’ but sometimes we can be in conflict about our feelings and how to express them both to protect ourselves and fearing the repercussions from our actions due to low self-esteem or worth.

“Through my therapy sessions, I help patients to create their own ‘Clear Sky’ and to positively manage their feelings and with confidence to use their voice.”

Kajal Kumar


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If you would like an initial complimentary 15-minute conversation or to discuss a programme – please either use the form or call me directly on 07582 376 958

Kajal Kumar is aligned with corporate organisations and insurance companies whilst also supporting individuals.

Therapy and Counselling is offered in English, Gujarati and Hindi.

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