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Kajal Kumar is a highly experienced coach who is motivated to help others by the utilisation of her many skills and talents. Her own self-development continues to evolve and is facilitated by the ongoing pursuit of highly respected qualifications for latest developments and processes.

Through coaching and programmes, her clients are supported through a transformative process which helps them to become their best version with increased confidence and exciting lives, embraced with success, happiness and a sense of fulfilment.

Do YOU feel Confident?
Would YOU like to improve your self-esteem and self-worth?
Do YOU feel good enough and do YOU use – your voice?
Would YOU like to improve relationships with friends, family and work colleagues?
Would YOU like to empower your work/life balance and be more successful?…

Through a unique programme which has been developed over many years –

6 Sessions - 90-Minute Programme and Challenge:

* Getting to the core of the issue and discussion regarding YOUR next steps and action
* Changing YOUR mindset to overcome hurdles and positively looking forward
* Clarity on what YOU want for yourself with a clear and positive vision
* Confidence for a revised YOU with renewed ambition and steps to success.


There are many benefits from the session but a new Mindset Mantra will be part of your daily routine to help you maintain ongoing breakthroughs whilst maintaining a positive and successful outlook.

The only requirements are

  • A genuine drive for change with commitment and courage
  • Through the programme, being unbridled from past experience and moving positively forwards…

“My mission is to help people achieve their ambitions, be successful and maximise the quality of their lives.


What my clients are saying

Connecting Hearts  I  Empowering Minds

I would love to hear from you

If you would like an initial complimentary 15-minute conversation or to discuss a programme – please either use the form or call me directly on 07582 376 958

Kajal Kumar is aligned with corporate organisations and insurance companies whilst also supporting individuals.

Therapy and Counselling is offered in English, Gujarati and Hindi.

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