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Are the stories you are telling yourself holding you back

Do you ever listen to the stories you tell yourself or notice the ones people around you tell you?
‘Business should be hard work?’
‘You can’t do it.’

When are you going to give up and get a proper job?’
‘Money doesn’t grow on trees.’
‘To be a success you need to work harder and longer.’
Those stories might be things you heard growing up, they might be things you’ve told yourself or you’ve seen other people perpetuating in their business. You look for evidence of them being true. You repeat them over and over again, but are those stories holding you back?
Your mindset is so important in building and growing your business and the stories you’re telling yourself can either inspire you and push you further or they can hold you back and keep you playing small.
Why not take some time thinking about the stories you use or you’ve heard.
Write them down.
Then think about alternative stories you can start to tell yourself. These new stories should inspire you and remind you just how capable you are.
So, for example
Business should be hard work’
Could change to
‘Business doesn’t feel like hard work because I love what I do and I get to use my strengths, skills, and abilities every day.
Just because you’ve been listening to a story for a long time doesn’t mean you can’t change it. Is it time to let go of those old beliefs, leaving them in the past, while you start a whole new chapter with new stories that support your success?

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