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Is imposter syndrome a problem for business owners

Imposter syndrome is defined as the internal experience of believing that you are not as competent as others perceive you to be. Sufferers can feel severe inadequacy and self-doubt, fearing that they will be exposed as a fraud. It can affect anyone regardless of their success and can have a huge negative impact on people’s mindset.

Lots of things can trigger the feeling, but often starting a new job, setting out in your own business, or taking things to the next level can leave you feeling inadequate and wondering if people will ‘see through’ you and see how incapable you are.

When you’re self-employed imposter syndrome can hinder your business in lots of different ways.

  • Making you avoid doing those jobs you need to do.
  • Worrying about what people think of you.
  • Staying hidden because you don’t want to be visible in case people ‘see through you’.
  • Not charging what you’re worth.
  • Finding taking payment difficult.
  • Turning down business or speaking opportunities

Has it stopped you from doing something in your business or made something harder?
So, how can you overcome imposter syndrome? Is it something that you can beat or do you simply have to learn to live with it?

Firstly, stop comparing yourself with others. You are on your own journey and doing it your way, so stop looking at what others are doing. Focus on what you can do and what’s working for your business, because that’s what really matters.

Also, look for evidence that you can do these things. You’ve got this far and you’re doing great. Yes, things might be new and unfamiliar, but find evidence that you can absolutely do this. This will help silence that imposter syndrome.

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